About Us

succeedNiti Resources is an IT, Social Media Consulting and Business support servicing company providing B2B & B2C platform for SMEs, NGO and Corporate bodies. Through the online platform, we have assisted several organisation to reach a wider audience thereby increasing their sales and maintaining an edge over their competitors. We have over the years garnered enormous experience as we have always made service delivery our priority.

Niti Resources is a one-stop shop for all your online and business support needs. Our range of services includes but not limited to; Website & Mobile App Development, Business Plan & Company Profile Development, Corporate ID & Branding, Social Media & Bulk SMS Services.

Staffed with experienced, committed and dedicated staffs, we are sure on our service delivery promise. It’s our culture to understand your needs before proceeding with your project and we are poside to meet your project deadline.


Our vision is to ensure that at least 100% of our clients are satisfied with their projects.


Niti Resources mission is to create platforms that encourage sales and generate income for our clients.


We understand that the only way we can grow our business and get commitment from our staffing structure is to make our clients happy with our services. We therefore will ensure all our clients are served until they are satisfied.


Our values are aimed at achieving one thing – SERVICE DELIVERY